Wayfinding Strategy & Design

Developing a Wayfinding Strategy

Wayfinding is the process by which we orientate in physical space and navigate from place to place. Sounds simple enough, but in reality we use a complex mix of cognitive processes and tools to find our way around. These range from prior knowledge and line of sight, to landmarks, asking for help and signs. The Velvet Principle combines an understanding of these processes, with an ability to interpret spaces.  We will create a series of visit scenarios and journeys, to explore requirements and opportunities to delight. It’s then a question of selecting the right mix of tools for the job e.g lighting, landscape design and of course signs. Finally we wrap everything into a comprehensive wayfinding strategy that identifies where and what interventions are needed.

Wayfinding Sign Design

In today’s experience economy providing easy to understand information is not enough. Once the wayfinding strategy is agreed, our talented design team get to work. The outcome is a hard-working, bespoke signage scheme that:

  • Delivers the functional navigation requirements.
  • Communicates all there is to do or see in a place.
  • Aligns with the architectural design.
  • Expresses the character of the brand.
  • Provides that little extra to add to the experience.

Project Management: Procurement and Installation

We’re only as good the final implementation. As we don’t manufacture signs ourselves, we take a keen interest in the people who do.  Consequently we know who’s got the capability and capacity to fulfil a brief and meet the quality expectations.

Examples of Wayfinding Case studies from our portfolio:

The Lexicon, Bracknell

Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre

The Waterfront, Muscat

Netley Education Campus, Camden

One New Change Shopping Centre, London

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