Environmental/Experiential Graphics

What are Experiential Graphics?

Environmental and experiential graphics are umbrella terms that cover graphics found in buildings and public spaces. Whether they communicate information, create a sense of place or solve tricksy little problems – from the obvious:

  • wayfinding and interpretive information;
  • building identification signs;
  • statutory signs;

To the not so obvious:

  • brand expression & messaging
  • hoardings and banners;
  • manifestation (glass film) and privacy screening;
  • disguising unsightly plant.

Does your office, shopping centre or visitor attraction need a ‘lift’?

Talk to The Velvet Principle about how a little judicious use of colour and graphics can refresh your property or solve a problem.

The magic happens, when our creative design team applies their understanding of space, brand and how people navigate. The outcome could be a feature wall, an impactful lighting installation or graphic image. Yes they add to the aesthetic, but usually have a functional role too  – as a wayfinding cue, privacy screening or brand communication.

The best bit is that these can be implemented relatively quickly without costing the earth.

Case studies from our portfolio:

The Lexicon BracknellTrinity LeedsNetley CampusTrinity Kitchen20 Fenchurch St basement graphics

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