Experiential Graphic Design

What is Experiential Graphic Design?

Experiential graphics and environmental graphic design are umbrella terms used to describe any typography, colour and or image applied within the built environment.

What does it Mean in Practice?

Essentially it’s any graphics in buildings, public spaces and exhibition stands/kiosks concerned with communicating information, creating a sense of place or solving tricksy little problems. From the obvious:

  • wayfinding and Interpretive information;
  • identification signage;
  • statutory signs;
  • brand communication.

To the not so obvious:

  • using colour and images to enhance the environment;
  • hoardings and banner design;
  • manifestation (glass film) and privacy screening;
  • disguising unsightly plant and architectural features

The magic happens, when our creative design team applies their understanding of space, brand and how people navigate. The outcome could be a feature wall, an impactful lighting installation or image. Yes they add to the aesthetic, but will also have an important functional role too  – as a wayfinding cue, privacy screening or expression of the brand.

Case studies from our portfolio:

The Lexicon BracknellTrinity LeedsNetley CampusTrinity Kitchen20 Fenchurch St basement graphics

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