Branded Environments

In today’s competitive environment it’s all about the brand experience. Whether you’re competing for talent, customers or investors, the places you occupy are an important platform for communicating your brand and values. Wherever you are in your brand journey we have the skills and experience to:

  • Create a branded environment
  • Apply brands to buildings
  • Design and refresh a brand.

Branded Environment Design

To create a truly branded environment, you need to capture the character of the brand in the information and cues used to navigate and communicate the offer. The Velvet Principle will:

  • analyse the context;
  • get ‘under the skin of the brand’;
  • identify the information and communication needs;
  • design creative solutions that embed the essence of the brand within the fabric of the building.

Applying Brand to Buildings

Your branding agency has designed an identity that looks fabulous on your website and marketing literature. There are detailed design guidelines governing all possible uses … except when two metres high and on a brick wall.

It takes specialist skills to create an impactful sign that will work with the architecture while staying true to the brand. It needs a designer that knows what materials to select, how best to illuminate it and ensure the fixings are secure with minimal impact on the visual appearance.


Examples of brand application projects from our portfolio:

Trinity Kitchen – identity and branded environment design.

Netley Campus – place brand design

Notting Hill Gate – place branding

Volkhonka Vision – brand identity design

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