We’re about improving the legibility and enjoyment of places for all. Whether it’s a new build, refurbishment or solving a particular issue. We develop strategies and design things (graphic, sign or product) to help people navigate; explore the offer and experience the brand. 

Part customer service – part brand implementation. Think of what we do as creating a 24 x 7 x 365 concierge that’s always on hand to answer questions like:

  • Where am I?
  • What kind of place is this?
  • What can I do, see or learn?
  • How do I get to where I want to go?
  • Am I going the right way?
  • Have I arrived yet?
  • Where/what next?

Our goal is to help clients deliver great experiences for their guests, residents and/or employees. Experiences that will build loyalty, generate positive word of mouth and translate positively to the bottom line.

A Design Approach with People at its Heart

Putting people centre stage, we analyse places to identify pinch points and opportunities to add value. Importantly we aim to reduce uncertainty and the stress that goes with it. So that people can focus on what’s important…..

  • Enjoying time out with friends and family
  • Getting to a meeting or appointment on time
  • Achieving their objectives
  • Taking full advantage of the offer

We then use our creative skills to design solutions that:

  • Align with the architecture and context
  • Express the character of the brand
  • Add to the overall aesthetic

For us, a successful outcome is one that provides help when and where it’s needed, but so fits the environment that it fades into the background when not required.

What that means practically 

We’re a team of problem solvers and creatives that design interventions to inform, entertain, communicate and provide a high standard of customer care in buildings and the public realm. But if you’d prefer to box things in with a list, here’s a starter for 10 ….


Empowering people – making sense of places through signage and wayfinding design

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