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The Velvet Principle

Brief: Wayfinding and Supergraphics

Sector: Car Park Wayfinding

Client: Land Securities

When Land Securities purchased this multi-storey car park, to serve the shoppers of its new Trinity Leeds shopping centre,  it needed a complete refurbishment. The car park is located a short walk from the shopping centre, so as part of the wayfinding brief, The Velvet Principle was asked to explore creative solutions that would establish a clear connection between them.

With eight floors and split level parking on each, implementing solutions to help returning shoppers find their car was a key priority. To aid navigation, each level has a dedicated colour and the floor number is marked on the internal columns and by bold graphics at the pedestrian exits. With two exits on either side of the car park, those closest to the shopping centre feature a series of graffiti-style, anamorphic supergraphics that extend across the core wall to the pedestrian walkway.

Together the vibrant selection of colours, bold level identification graphics and the playful illustrations create a welcoming environment and offer three different aide memoires to help reunite returning visitors with their car.

To reinforce the connection with the shopping centre, the Trinity T logo is applied in mirror-polished stainless steel to the exterior and its distinctive roof appears in several of the supergraphics. As the interior needed to be repainted as part of the refurbishment, the solution was both cost effective and impactful.