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The Velvet Principle

Brief: Wayfinding & Sign Design

Sector: Visitor Attraction

Client: Canary Wharf Developments, Land Securities

Based in the heart of the city, The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden. Featuring a restaurant, bar, brasserie and spectacular views across London, The Sky Garden is one of London’s ‘must visit’ attractions.

As well as helping diners find a specific destination, the wayfinding provides reassurance and gives visitors to the gardens the confidence to fully explore the public space. As the Sky Garden extends across three levels, strong emphasis was placed on accessibility with clear directional signs to the accessible lifts and facilities.

It was important that the design was distinct, but aligned with the design style of the wayfinding for the building as a whole. The signs take their inspiration from the unique architectural form of the building, (see here for more information), transitioning from a flat panel to a curved shape. The signs are made from stove-enamelled aluminium in a light metallic blue. This ensures that they stand out from the planting for when a visitor is looking for information, but melt into the background with an ethereal aesthetic when not required.