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The Velvet Principle

Brief: Naming strategy, wayfinding & sign design

Sector: Residential

Client: The London Borough of Camden

The two apartment blocks were built by the council for private sale to fund the redevelopment of a primary school. As part of the brief, The Velvet Principle was asked to assist with naming the apartments - a process that involved extensive research to identify potential candidates with a historical, cultural or geographical connection to the area. A shortlist was then presented to the local community to made the final choice.

For the wayfinding and identification signs, the client team wanted an elegant design that reflected the use of natural materials within the buildings. The external identification signs are made of individual built up stainless steel letters. Each letterform contains LED lamps to create halo illumination against the brickwork. The use of stainless steel continues internally with facility and floor identification signs formed from flat sheet with stencil cut out graphics. Each apartment has its own stainless steel numeral and individual forms consistent with the main entrance signs.