Boar Lane Car Park Wayfinding, Leeds

Brief: Wayfinding and Supergraphics

Sector: Car Park Wayfinding

Client: Land Securities

Land Securities purchased this multi-storey car park, shortly before Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre opened. Not only is it located a short-walk from the shopping centre, it also needed completely refurbishing. Therefore, as part of the car park wayfinding brief, The Velvet Principle was tasked with establishing a clear connection with the shopping centre.

Approach to the Car Park Wayfinding

With eight floors and split-level parking on each, mechanisms to help shoppers find their car was a key priority. Given this complexity, we opted to use a mix of colour, number and image to act as memory cues.

Consequently, each floor was allocated a distinctive colour, which is applied to the columns and core walls. The floor number is marked on the internal columns and by bold graphics at the pedestrian exits. With exits on two sides of the car park, the ones nearest to the shopping centre are marked by graffiti-style, anamorphic supergraphics. These extend across the core wall to the pedestrian walkway, playing off the various architectural features.

This mix of vibrant colours, bold graphics and playful illustrations create a welcoming environment. Importantly they also provide three different aide memoires, that cater for different learning preferences.

Implementing the Trinity Leeds Brand

An external Trinity T logo sign, in mirror-polished stainless steel, echoes the design of the entrance identification sign on the main entrance to the mall. Providing a direct link between the car park and shopping centre. Internally the graffiti images include visual references to the distinctive roof, which defines the shopping centre architecture.

The result is a car park wayfinding scheme that:

  • Delivers the functional requirement.
  • Is clearly differentiation from competitors.
  • Expresses the character of the Trinity Leeds brand.
  • Creates a memorable first and last impression.

As the interior needed to be repainted as part of the refurbishment, the solution is both cost effective and impactful.


Close up view of a painted column with level identification and directional information within the Boar Lane Car Park in LeedsLarge Super Graphic showing the outline of a free runner jumping over a barrier painted on the wall of The Boar Lane Car Park in LeedsClose up of the level identification signs in the Boar Lane Car Park in Leeds. Featuring the words six arranged multiple times within a large number six shapeSupergraphic of a large outline of a fisherman with a boot on the end of his line, painted on the wall within The Boar Lane Car Park in Leeds

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