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The Velvet Principle
Offices Portfolio

Brief: Wayfinding & Supergraphics

Sector: Back of house

Client: Canary Wharf Developments, Land Securities

The two basement floors of this distinctive office building and The Sky Garden visitor attraction house the post room, loading bay, tenant storage and facilities for the operations staff.  Arranged as a series of indistinguishable corridors around a central core, directional information was needed to help tenants, staff and contractors find their way around.

A different colour was assigned to each level to distinguish between the floors and an overall basement plan provided at key intersections. Rather than create small discrete signs, super graphics were painted directly onto the walls. Enlivening and injecting character into what was a sterile environment in a cost effective way.

This playful approach was carried into the post room, where post-themed graphics decorate the walls, floor and the reception desk. A large image of a sunlit sky, fringed by foliage, was applied to the ceiling tiles in both the post room and mess room, essentially bringing the Sky Garden into the basement. The lighting behind the images helps to establish a clear link between the building’s most iconic feature, in a basement with a limited connection to the external environment.