Azerbaijan Wayfinding – Ganjlik Mall, Baku

Brief: Wayfinding & Sign Design

Sector: Shopping Centre

Client: Pasha Construction, Chapman Taylor

Ganjlik Mall is located next to the National Sports Stadium in Baku and one of the city’s busiest transport hubs. A canopy running the length of the building, provides the signature for the centre and cements its landmark status.

The Velvet Principle was brought in as the wayfinding consultant, for this major new destination, by architects, Chapman Taylor. Our task was to create an international standard wayfinding scheme and set a new benchmark in Baku.

The 550,000 sq. ft. of retail space is arranged across four floors, with two levels of basement parking. So that shoppers always know where they are, each floor is allocated a colour that is carried through into all sign types. Colour is also used in the two basement car parks to help returning shoppers find their cars.

With it’s proximity to the national stadium, it is key that the information is accessible to an international audience. As a consequence all signs are dual language (Azeri and English) and use internationally recognised pictograms.

As well as the canopy, the design of the signs is inspired by the building facade and use of contrasting materials.  The forms have a coloured transparent body that interlocks with a stainless steel casing.

The result is a wayfinding scheme that celebrates the architecture and is both elegant and functional.

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Photo showing the identity signage for Ganjlik Mall in Baku, AzerbaijanMall index sign in Ganjlik Mall, Baku, AzerbaijanClose view of an index sign installed within Ganjlik Mall in Baku, AzerbaijanCGI of the external view of Ganjlik Mall in Baku, Azerbaijan

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