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The Velvet Principle

Brief: Development of Wayfinding Guidelines

Sector: Commercial property

Client: Saatchi & Saatchi X, Aldar Development

Aldar has a diverse property portfolio - from schools and hospitals through to the iconic Yas Marina and Ferrari World. Following the creation of a new brand identity by a leading agency, The Velvet Principle was asked to develop a comprehensive guidelines document to ensure consistent application of the brand and adherence to good wayfinding design practice, throughout Aldar’s extensive property portfolio.

The client wanted to develop a core set of design principles that would communicate their brand, but allow individual developments to express their unique character. These were defined and captured within a design manual that specified the colour palette, font, size and use of pictograms throughout the estate. The manual also set the design standards for wayfinding components such as entrance and facility identification, directional prompts, mapping, sign layout and materials. The result is an easy to understand comprehensive manual that can be shared with assets and consultants.