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The Velvet Principle

Brief: Design of digital directory and information kiosk

Sector: Commercial Offices

Client: Canary Wharf Developments, Land Securities

Designed by renowned architect Rafael Vinoly, 20 Fenchurch St is a distinctive new addition to the London skyline. The Velvet Principle was tasked with designing a digital directory and information kiosk for the office reception. To align with the client’s customer care goals the directory needed to deliver more than just a list of the occupants. The outcome is an interactive information resource for use by both tenants and their visitors, with information about the occupiers supplemented with details about the building, local amenities and public transport:

The Tenant Directory - features an outline of the building alongside the list of occupants. Moving the cursor over the business name will highlight its location and provide the route to their reception. There is a dedicated page for each tenant to provide further information about their business.

Local Amenities – this menu item opens to a 3D map of the local area and a list of restaurants, bars, shops and other services. Clicking on a business will highlight its location on the map to enable route planning.

Public Transport Updates – A second map shows rail and underground stations within a reasonable walking distance. Alongside the map is a live feed showing departure times and destinations from the rail stations and a status update for the Underground.

The screen sits within a stainless steel pedestal that follows the same design principle as the sign products - a rectangular base that swells out to a curve at the top - echoing the form of the building.