New Customer Information Hut

CelebratingThe Lexicon, Bracknell's Second Birthday

Published on Thursday 12 September 2019

We’re delighted to see the customer information hut installed in The Lexicon, Bracknell.  Just in time to celebrate the centre’s second birthday. Built by specialist Arbor it is based on the traditional shepherd’s hut – bringing a little more of the forest into the town. The design complements the extensive use of wood in the architecture, wayfinding signs and lamp posts. It comes with wheels, so that it can be moved around the mall to where it’s needed most. Last but not least, solar panels mounted on the roof ensure it looks after the environment too.

The Velvet Principle was responsible for the design management and procurement. Initially appointed to design a bespoke wayfinding scheme as part of The Bracknell regeneration project, The Velvet Principle has continued to work with the management team. Designing a mobile customer service kiosk, community barrow as well as a branded sofa used in the launch.


Photo of the rear view of the customer information hut within a mall in The Lexicon BracknellFront view of the customer information hut in the mall in The Lexicon Bracknell

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customer information hut, based on a traditional shepherds hut design for The Lexicon Bracknell
Customer Information Hut, for The Lexicon Bracknell