Community Barrow For The Lexicon, Bracknell

Published on Tuesday 2 October 2018

Initially engaged to develop and implement the wayfinding strategy for The Lexicon, Bracknell, we’ve been flexing our 3D design capabilities to create a range of supplementary products. Chief among these have been a series of mobile kiosks and carts. The latest addition is a community barrow. This is used to provide a focal point, for local charities and community groups to engage with residents and visitors to the town.

Made from wood, to align with the “greening of Bracknell” concept flowing through the recent regeneration, the design is inspired by the traditional costermonger handcart. Reinforcing the connection with the architecture, it features an arching overhead structure that echoes the design of the mall canopies.  This together with the plant graphic detailing in the brand colours ensures that the barrow is immediately identifiable with the Lexicon as both brand and place.

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Design of the community barrow designed for The Lexicon, Bracknell