The Velvet Principle

The Vertical Challenge for Reading Information

Published on November 15, 2011

Vertical banners projecting off the side of a building or lamppost can be a very effective way of providing identification for a destination and highlighting promotions or facilities. They offer a relatively large canvass for expressing the character of a place and when compared to other wayfinding…

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Destination First – Direction Second (Or the Use and Abuse of Arrows in Wayfinding)

Published on October 14, 2011

The arrow is undoubtedly the most important graphic used in wayfinding design. It’s also the one symbol in the wayfinder’s arsenal that has probably inspired more discussion about best practice than any other. Despite the column inches dedicated to the subject, the number of examples that break…

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Graphic Design - Improving the Lot of the Multi-Storey Car-Park

Published on January 14, 2011

Often the poor relation in the cityscape to its more aesthetically pleasing cousins, the architecturally iconic corporate office or £multimillion temple to conspicuous consumption. Just the word multi-storey conjures up something grey, gloomy, damp and unwelcoming. In efforts to maximise the space,…

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